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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Field Hockey

I'll bet when you hear "field hockey" you see this picture, right? Well, Frenchboro kids probably don't know that field hockey is actually a sport that doesn't involve ice hockey sticks. But this is our version. I told them to make their game face and this is what they came up with. Look at Jayde and Teressa. They look like they just had a turkey dinner and are ready for a nap. Then look at Bradley who's ready to tear someone's head off. Johnny? I'm not sure about that face. We were so psyched to get our gear on and run around hitting the deflated ball with our sticks. Every time a stick connected with a shin pad, we were glad for the protection!

We can't wait for snow! The kids keep bringing in 'shares' of pieces of ice from the pond. Soon we'll be skating....Yeeehaw!

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