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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Field Trip

Here are the twins. That's Cody, on the left, and Dylan on the right. They took a field trip of the school. It all started with the weather station. This is a crazy, 100 year old one room schoolhouse that has the highest roof in the world. It has lots of nooks and crannies. This is one of them, where the bad children go. When Mr. Finn put up the weather station, he had to run a line down from the peak of the roof into our classroom, which meant that he had to go up here. The kids say this is where Henry lives. I've no idea, don't ask me.

Well, Dylan was watching Mr. Finn and he sighed and said, "You know, I've always wanted to go up there, ever since I was in first grade." So, Mr. Finn picked up two workers to help him with the task. They were beyond psyched to get up in the rafters. They found all manner of bizarre stuff up there. Don't ask about that either. Luckily, no dead animals. And luckily, no Henry either. Dylan is holding a very early Geography text book which we put on our 'ancient books with out-of-date, downright racist text but can't throw out because it's probably worth money' cubby at the top of the school. Seriously...there were chapters titled, "The Red People." I stopped there.

Dylan thought it would be a nice place to live, up there at the top of the school. He thought we should have the high school up there next year. We laughed, saying that we'd be pounding on the ceiling with a yardstick, telling them to quiet down up there. And once in a while, we'd just throw some papers and textbooks up through the hole for them to work on. They'd have to be pretty careful, though, not to fall through the insulation, and hence the ceiling, during their gym time. We'll see...I think this plan has potential!

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  1. No way would you catch me going up into the place where Henry lives...Nuh-uh! So brave of Cody and Dylan and to think they like it so high and wanting to use the place for high school. Hmmmm! Going as far as living up there, well remember boys, it does get dark at night and you know, Henry . . . and all!!