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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Celtic Art

Last week we started studying Celtic art. We did a little background history and then worked a little on a very basic three-pronged knot. This week we wanted to step it up a little, so we practiced a four-pronged knot together and then everyone got to choose another one to work on by themselves.
I really wanted them to focus on the shapes themselves and break it down into manageable parts. We worked diligently for a long time...a very silent class full of concentration!
Dylan chose the most difficult one of all to attempt and was doing a great job mapping out his design.
Cody had a couple false starts as he kept getting "lost" in his drawing. It's hard to keep track of where you are, so I told the kids they could mark up their master copy to keep track of the pattern they had drawn and what they hadn't.
There is so much at work with interwoven design and I didn't want them to trace or to erase lines that went under others. The idea was to freehand draw, but to work on fitting everything together so it looked connected.

Austin also chose the most difficult design, but he stuck with it, even when the going got tough!
Saylor's looks like that yummy bread that gets woven together. Challah bread?
Funny that Johnny and Teressa both liked the same one...great matching up of the lines.

Mr. Finn and I circulated and gave some tips. I was really impressed with the skill level! These kids have come a long way artistically in three years!

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  1. One can easily see that you were concentrating hard on your Celtic art designs. Well done everybody.