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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guest Blogger : Saylor

I chose to write about cross country running during the summer.

Dear Mr. Finn and Mrs. Finn,

I would like to have cross country running during the summer because it helps your heart, lungs, and muscle get stronger. We can also get outside in the fresh air and be active instead of watching television all day. We can also get to see each other in cross country.

Cross country would also be good because it's a sport good for your mind and body. We don't need to buy equipment. It can also help you stay more focused in school. If you set a goal you might meet it by the end of summer and set one again.

I got my information from a running article by Kelly Hashway. I think cross country running is good because it's a good sport that I like and I like running. Cross country running would also be good because you can think that you have achievement after running.

Your Student,

*the formatting of the blog didn't allow Saylor to indent


  1. You described cross country running very well and fitness all rolled into one. Well done!