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Friday, February 11, 2011

Charlie Wing Visits!

We were lucky enough to have a prolifically published author visit our school for Wednesday and Thursday. His name in Charlie Wing and he usually writes How-To books like the one above and below. He's published over 30 books. Thirty.

Here's Charlie going through the very small greeting line. We were missing 7 students out of 12, so it was very mellow.
We always ask out guests if they're willing to present on a topic. It just so happens that Charlie has written a book on knot tying. How sweet is that? And relevant to our lobstering/boating kids!
Here's Johnny with his reef/square knot.
Jayde was really impressive with her quickness. She won the figure 8 knot tying contest.
Charlie teaching Saylor the bowline. I used this knot a LOT when I working backstage in college. Remember the rabbit and the tree??
After knot tying, we worked on our Lego track meet robots. Charlie was really into it.
Actually, EVERYONE was really into it.

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  1. Charlie got RAVE REVIEWS from the Rozenski's! The kids were all thrilled to spend the day with him and enjoyed him immensely. Thanks, Charlie!