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Monday, February 28, 2011

Polycom with Ursula

The older kids met with Ursula and continued on with the 'decision making' theme. This time, they were given a choice between four closed paper bags. The first time around, they had to make a totally blind guess. From their seats they had to just choose a bag number. Some chose their lucky numbers, others focused on looking at the shape of the bags. After that go around, they were allowed to lift the bag up. They could feel the weight of it, and some changed their numbers based upon the new information. Lastly, they could feel the bag and decide if they wanted to change their number or not. It was so interesting to see their thought processes. Some were very affected by the weight of the bag, while others reasoned that many good things are light rather than heavy. The latter ended up being good reasoning as one bag had money. The heavy bag was an onion. But, it just as easily could have been something round filled with coins. It brought up some interesting thoughts and discussions for us all to chew on.

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