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Monday, February 7, 2011

Hockey Day with Swan's

Look what the Sunbeam brought THIS time! A whole troop of kids and adults from Swan's Island! Yay. Here's Marilyn coming off with her sweet pink skates. It was so good to see everyone!
This made me laugh. Only in a fishing community do you use fish totes for your skates. Awesome.
It was THE most gorgeous day! We had early reports of rain and snow, but it held off for huge amounts of sunny deliciousness. One little boy came to me with a big smile telling me it was his very first time skating...what a great first experience!
In between rousing games of hockey, there was a lot of free skating. Does this remind you of the old roller rink or what?
Tyler was in all his glory as we outfitted him in shin and elbow pads. Future NHL.
After a couple hours of outdoor fun, some kids came inside to watch a movie and/or play around with Lego Robotics stuff.
We're getting ready for a Lego Track Meet that's going to be held on MDI in the spring. Unlike Lego Robotics, there's no age limit, which thrilled Johnny and Bradley. Even Tyler's getting his hands in there.

What a great day. It was so wonderful to have 28 folks from our closest island neighbor come over and share in winter fun! Next weekend: Swan's for basketball in their gym! Sweet!

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  1. What a glorious day had by all with visitors from Swan's Island. Look at all those children enjoying themselves skating and playing hockey on the ice as the beautiful sun shines down on them. What a lovely sight! Yes, without a doubt the warmth from sun would have made the day extra delightful. Anyone notice how rosy little Tyler's cheeks are? Sooooo cute!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your awesome Hockey Day with Swan's Islanders. Thank you so much for sharing.