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Friday, February 11, 2011

Island2Island Poetry

After having such a great day with Monhegan School when they came for a visit recently, we didn't want the fun to end, so we decided to do some collaboration on poetry using the polycom system and a wiki that Jessie set up. I did an explanation and background on haiku first so that we could all know the form, then we set to work creating our own haiku poems and posting them to the wiki.
We did Who Am I? haikus to make it fun and approachable for everyone. They had to follow the 5/7/5 syllable rules, and they could only give hints as to what their poem was about, then they posted and everyone could write down what their guess were. We were working away for a half hour and what was funny was that hardly anyone was even talking because they were posting responses directly to the wiki.

Thanks to Jessie for setting that up for us, and we look forward to the next lesson: limericks! That will go great with our Celtic art studies!

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