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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2nd Frenchboro Fun Fair

Our big fundraiser is the Frenchboro Fun Fair, a gala affair with games, prizes, art for sale, and to top it all off...a pie in the face. Here's Seth playing the beanbag toss.
The kids run everything. They are scheduled at half hour increments to run the different booths and then they have some free time to go around and play the games. The tickets are all 50 cents each and each game takes one ticket to play.
We have a bake sale, too. Johnny's getting some heavy reading in during a lull in business. Everything was made by the kids save the lemonade and cookies. The frosting experience with a group of 6-8 year olds was memorable. I think the word "Vesuvius" came up several times, since they'd been reading about Pompeii and their cupcakes resembled volcanoes. With frosting and sprinkles more IS better.
The 'lobster fishing' game. Hook a lobster and check to see if it's a winner!
Our art sale was a huge success. In fact, we had to close it down because all the art sold in under an hour.
The ticket booth, with folks lined up to get their strings of tickets.
Rob trying his hand at lobster fishing.
This is the ring toss. It is nearly impossible. I think only one person won last year. This year was no different. Proof that, yes, carnivals are rigged. We've got to devise a better system next time to ensure more wins!
Dylan and I with our prizes at the water balloon toss. Seriously...a seventh grade boy who had the opportunity to SOAK his teacher and didn't take it! I was amazed. My brother would have shown no mercy. It was always his idea in the summer to 'toss' it around. I don't think he ever got wet but I looked like a drowned rat.
Next to the bake sale we had a table with jars on it. On each jar was a photo of a student with a note written underneath telling why they deserved a pie in the face. For example, Jayde's was, "I don't brush my teeth" with a picture of her grinning. Some had kids scowling and writing that they didn't shower and others were saying that they hated lobster with a big smile on their faces. If you wanted to be the one to give them a pie in the face, you could sign your ticket and then put it in their jar.
Here's Tammy saying the ball in the bucket was rigged. I think soccer is her game, not basketball.
Yeah, if I looked this cute after having THREE children, I think I'd keep going and have an even dozen.

Grammy trying her luck at lobster fishing, as Saylor cheers her on with a noisemaker prize.
Outside we had the water balloon toss. Each participant paid a ticket and had to throw the balloon back and forth to each other a certain distance to win. Kids grade 2 and younger had a shorter distance. Unfortunately for Grammy, Teressa is in 3rd grade.
Katie taking it easy on son #1.
Johnny is looking scared, and Marissa is looking very happy at this opportunity! They remained unscathed and actually had quite a distance between them by the time they were finished.
As Marissa said, "Hey Elton, c'mon over here." These sunglass prizes were a hot commodity.
And then! Dum-da-dum! It was time to count the tickets for the pie in the face. Well, it soon became apparent that our kindergartener, Jayde, was going to win. She did. With 70 tickets. Folks, if you can't do the math, that's 35 bucks that folks dished out to see Jayde get a pie in the kisser. And guess whose name was on most of the tickets? DAD. Yup. Also note that the above picture is NOT Jayde. It is her older sister, Saylor. When Jayde saw that she had the most tickets, she was not terribly happy. And Dad was feeling a little nervous to pie his little girl who was in tears. So....Saylor volunteered to take the pie for sis! Can you believe that?! So cool.
Right in the kisser! Last time we did this inside. We won't make that mistake again. But last time I was ready with a towel to clean off the whipped cream.

Poor Saylor had to walk around like a frothing zombie for several minutes before I got my act together and toweled her off!

Awesome day was had by all. Thanks to everyone for showing up and being such good sports. We love all the enthusiasm and support from Frenchboro folks. And thanks to our great students who pulled off another successful Fun Fair!

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  1. What a great day everyone had at the Fun Fair! Sure wish I were there but at least I had the pleasure of reading through this great blog. Enjoyed the photos very much, too. Hmmm I think my favourite would have to be the pie in the face! You're such a thoughtful sister Saylor to take Jayde's place. The weather looked superb too.

    Enjoy your school holidays everyone.