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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Reading

Marlys came in to talk to the kids about a summer reading opportunity for them over at the library. The kids will be able to read books as a group and have book talks, with refreshments and activities to keep it fun. They'll be meeting once per week to talk, but can also come in for silent reading time as well.

Summer reading is incredibly important when it comes to student achievement. If kids do no reading at all, they will be 2 1/2 months behind those who did do reading. That's time that can't be easily 'caught up' when they come back to school in the fall. Over the years, this can mean that students who don't read or do any academics over the summertime can be reading YEARS behind students who do! So, I was thrilled that Joey, an old Frenchboro student is volunteering to help out this summer over at the library, along with Marlys and a few others. This is such a
great opportunity for Frenchboro students, and kids who spend their summers out here. I hope it's very successful and has a high participation rate. THAT MEANS YOU, FRENCHBORO KIDS!!! I will have a special treat waiting for all who participate this summer. You know that usually means yummy food, so BE THERE!

I'm not above bribery.

For all the students who complete their assigned summer homework in reading and math, we give a big party in the fall. When Saylor saw her math packet, she looked at Mr. Finn and said, "I hope these are divided up by family!" Nope. That's all yours!

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  1. it is so true that the students who continue to read thru the summers will not only gain on those who don't but, their SAT SCORES will increase down the line . it is great that marlys has volunteered her time to continue this program . thanks for caring , george k.