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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finished Tiles and Pots

These are some of the results from our recent smoke firing. The pieces that are shiny had a low-fire glaze put on them, but the tiles were pre-fired in a kiln and then finished in the smoke fire method. Smoke firing is great because you never know how it will look and each individual piece is very unique. I love the contrast of blacks and whites and greys.
The kids were pretty happy with how everything turned out. Because their tiles had a hole in them, the kids can hang them anywhere they wish.
Here's everyone with their finished tiles.
And Jessica also passed back all of the glazed and fired pieces that the kids had done on the wheel and during the last session.
Each family got a fruit box to pack in all their beautiful pottery to take home. Many many thanks to Jessica for all her time, energy, and expertise. For all the late night kiln firings, mixing glazes, air drying and firing over a hundred pieces, coming in to two hour long weekly ceramics sessions, preparing pounds and pounds of clay for student use, trips to the store for supplies and the myriad of other efforts that she made on behalf of Frenchboro students....Jessica-YOU ROCK!

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  1. Great ceramics and excellent class shot displaying your finished work. Well done!