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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Music Performance

Here's our lead, Pearl the pig, played by Saylor. I don't think she was a fan of the nose during the performance, but afterward, she asked if she could keep it, so I guess she got used to it. There were lots of songs during the performance this year. The kids worked on folk music from all over the country which they performed before the play, which was an adapted version of The Amazing Bone by William Steig. Costumes and sets were very basic, which fit into our tight timeline, and kept the focus on the music. Even so, how cute is that pig?
And this witch with her bucket o' slugs? Apparently witches eat slugs for supper. I welcome all witches to Frenchboro where they can live down at the community garden and eat 'til their hearts are content.
Here are the treacherous band of robbers (Myron, Brody and Bradley) who attack Pearl and the magic bone (played by Cody). Throughout the play there were original songs that the kids had learned. They really liked the 'bad guy' songs. Instead of having solos, Bo and Graham opted for all the kids to be on stage throughout the play and to sing every song together, which is much less stressful, and of course sounds great.

It was such a fun week and a half having our musicians-in-residence. We are so grateful that they choose to travel all the way here to Frenchboro every year to share their talents.

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