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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You'd Think We Lived on the Mainland!

So last friday we had guests. Lots of em. Ursula came out to do her last guidance class with the kids, but we also had a huge group of administrators from MDI come out on the Gott Boat. It was amazing to see that many adults line up for the traditional Frenchboro greeting line. Scott McFarland, Dianne Helprin, Barb Neilly, Carol McRae, Gail Keith, Joanne Harriman and Rob Liebow all in Frenchboro School! Unbelievable. These are amazing administrators doing amazing things to keep our district progressive and student-centered. They're really all about kids, which you think should be a no-brainer in education,'s not!
Dianne Helprin... Principal of the Year in Maine! Seriously.
Gail Keith is the principal at Swan's Island, but also the assessment coordinator for MDIRSS, and there's Joanne and Rob, Superintendent/Asst. Superintendent. We get to call Joanne our principal because we're lucky like that, but she's first and foremost the Asst. Grande Fromage. We knew her before she was famous, folks.
Well, Doug and I thought they were coming out mostly for an all-admin. meeting, and a little bit of observing, but it was the other way around! In the hot seat, ladies and gentlemen...Mr. Finn! The kids were really amazing, as they always are, so much so that one principal said to me after class...."This is the best group of kids I've ever seen! Are they always like this?" Ahhhh, yes. Yet another reason why we LOVE our job!
Carol and Barb watching the kids sound off during math class. And afterward, it was lobster and crab rolls for all at the Offshore Store. Yum!

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  1. Oh, Lordy...did we have our teachers sign their contracts, thereby securing them to the school for another year BEFORE this mob came to visit??? HANDS OFF, PEOPLE!