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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Day of School=Field Day

I love field day. I have very fond memories of helping my mom set up for field day before the kids came to school. She was the P. E. teacher for our entire district. Five schools, K-8. She was well loved. Here in Frenchboro, we do things a little differently than I remember, but it's still a blast and the kids look forward to it. They get to choose the games we play, and that's how things like 'the buoy toss' come about. Have you ever participated in the buoy toss? A classic, apparently. Unfortunately I am the one in the field marking the spots where the buoy lands. Yet again this year, I almost died by buoy. Not everyone can say that. My personal favorite, though, is the water balloon toss. On a hot day, with a big group of kids, nothing beats it.
Not even the obstacle course. This year the 5th and 7th graders made the course. It wasn't until we started setting up that it occurred to Dylan that he himself was going to have to fit through that tiny wooden square that he had built for the occasion!
Here's Elijah getting low to shimmy through the final obstacle.
Austin making it look easy. Size certainly mattered for this last one as all the older kids were wearing it like a dress as they stood up, while the little guys just scooted right through with no problems.
The sponge race. Each team had 2 minutes to try to fill their buckets by running from a water bucket out in the field, filling their sponges, and then running back to squeeze the contents into their empty bucket. It was a close race with both teams getting about 2 inches of water in the bottom.
Tug of War. Some of the adults joined in for this one.
They were pulling with all their might. Tyler's team ended up victorious, but it was a hard won battle as the teams were pretty evenly matched up.
Egg race. Can you really call this a race? It's a relay, but there wasn't much speed involved.
Only two eggs were smashed which I found incredible. Maybe because they were all choking up on the spoon, but we didn't mind as we had to play baseball on that field after it was over...who wants to slide into home covered with yolk?

And to cap it all off...a baseball game, that continued well after school ended. What a great way to finish off a terrific school year.
Looking back on all that we've done this year, all that we've learned, all the memories that were made, makes me smile. Great year. Great kids. Great school. Great island. Thanks for everything make us look forward to coming in to work every day!

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