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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grammy's in the House

Jean's gonna kill me. She hates having her picture taken. I did ask if I could post one, but told her she could pick. She told me ONLY ONE picture was allowed. Jean is Saylor, Brody, and Jayde's Grammy. She grew up in Frenchboro and she went to this same one-room schoolhouse. She wanted to come for a visit and see how the old place was holding up. Well, not to let a guest pass by without sharing some of their own wisdom, we encouraged her to talk with the kids. She brought in old pictures from her family of Frenchboro when she was a kid, even going back to when her mom was young. It was amazing to see pictures of the schoolhouse, with the teacher stoking the fire in her skirt and heels. That's me alright...ha!
Jean told the kids about the outhouse and where it attached to the cold it was walking down that hallway in wintertime! There was just a lone teeter totter out on the playground. The pictures of the kids playing in the snow weren't so different than our own, but the old desks in the classroom pictures really contrasted to our big group tables. We loved hearing Jean's stories of Frenchboro now and then. Grammy's welcome back anytime.

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