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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Civil War

Who is this dapper visitor?
And this fair damsel?
We got a time machine here at Frenchboro School, care of our lovely neighbors, Charlie and Jackie Mitchell. Charlie is an authority on all things Civil War. He has been involved in reenactments over the years and has developed a skill with reproducing replicas of Civil War trunks. He has studied the era extensively and has a large collection of realia from the time, as well as replicas of things like money, flags, etc.
Jackie and Charlie showed up in full costume and discussed each article of clothing. The kids discovered the meaning of "snood", something that doesn't come up very often in everyday conversation.
Here's Amber checking out the replica of currency from the time.
And what day is complete without Cody trying on a bonnet?
And Johnny slipping into a pair of silk gloves? Ahhh, we can't wait to find out what Charlie and Jackie are going to do next? I hear hard tack and a shoot out are in store!

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