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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Traditions are nice to have in a small school like ours. It sort of ties us together through the years. Of course there are always things that change as time passes, and new traditions are started, but it's nice to know that not only are we in same building that the kids' grandparents came to school in, we often celebrate the same things. Memorial Day at Frenchboro School is celebrated by visiting all the cemeteries on our little island and placing flags on our veterans' graves. It usually takes us all afternoon.
We expedited things a little this year by using our bikes. It was great to get out and bike with a whole gang of people. We hit all five cemeteries and located each name. We have quite a few Civil War graves which leads us right into our special guests, Charlie and Jackie Mitchell who are coming in to talk about that era with the students.
As we all rode in and parked, Brody said, "Ms. Finn, I think we should use our bikes every year!" A new tradition.

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