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Friday, October 1, 2010

Beach Cleanup 2010

As part of Maine Coastweek 2010, we did our annual beach cleanup with the kids. Terry Towne, our Maine Coast Heritage steward, supplied the garbage bags and we all headed out. We have miles of beach, all of which has washed up trash, so we just picked a spot and started cleaning.
We took buoys that could be reused by fishermen back with us, but left the gear as it's considered private property.
We also found tons of recyclable plastic, which is terrific, and we tagged those bags with white zipties to tell the difference. The kids were told, "Do not empty any plastic containers if they have liquid in never know what it is." I'll leave that up to your imagination.
Because our trail system does not allow vehicles of any kind...we shlepped the bags out the old fashioned way.
When Bradley saw Mr. Finn coming he gasped, "Does Mr. Finn have the rest of the bags?" Long pause. "Wow."

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  1. When I read about your beach cleanup, it didn't occur to me that Frenchboro collects so much washed up trash. So much was picked up and it looks like Mr Finn has the idea of how to carry all those bags at once. Well done everyone.