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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Before we went on our recent field trip to Mount Desert Island, the kids had to research their topic and do a Keynote presentation about it for the class. Teressa and Cadin researched Diver Ed since we were going on one of his tours.
They had to include details about the trip from his website as well as photos.
Here's Cadin talking about the slide while Teressa works the computer.
Next up was Johnny, Bradley and Saylor. They did the Abbe Museum where we were going to learn about Native Americans from this area as well as trade economies.
For some reason, this picture wouldn't upload correctly, but here's Austin, laying on his back during his presentation. He focused on our ranger led tour of tidal ecosystems in Acadia National Park.
Brody and Myron investigated the Oceanarium for their presentation.
Finally, Dylan and Jayde tackled the Whale Museum. We sure had a lot of things to look forward to, that's for sure!

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