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Monday, October 18, 2010

Diver Ed

Okay, so this guy, Diver Ed, takes folks out on tours off the coast of Bar Harbor. He has a boat called something like Starfish Enterprise. Does this tell you what sort of guy he is? Yup...he's like a five year old in a man's body. Here he is showing the procedure for putting on a life jacket...on his dog.
This is just proof that Tammy was watching Marissa's kids very closely. I think she's watching Diver Ed like a hawk just in case he came at her with a sea cucumber.
Here's DE getting geared up. Dry suit, tank, weight belt, regulator....all ready to dive!
Then, the kids got to push him off the back end of the boat...quite literally. They absolutely loved this part.
Diver Ed went down to the bottom to scout for creatures. Here he is coming up to get the camera after his first dive.
He took the camera down to the bottom so that we could get an upclose view of everything he was seeing. Here's a beautiful anemone that he found.
Then DE came up again and did this to his suit. Then he had a kid pull his finger. Yeah...he's that kind of guy. Kids LOVE him.
I didn't get any good shots of Diver Ed putting the animals into his mouth. Sea cucumber, in the mouth. Sea the mouth. Diver Ed has a thing about kissing all the sea creatures. He even kissed crabs and lobsters. He encouraged all the kids to kiss everything as well. It was a feast of disgustingness and hilarity that every kid reveled in. DE set up some touch tanks up front for the kids to explore. I think, by far, that Diver Ed was the highlight of our field trip!

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