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Friday, October 8, 2010

Wolf and Deer

Since the weather's been a little iffy lately, we've been playing Wolf and Deer on the school hill/church lawn since we don't have to walk all the way to the ball field. We have a deflated ball that won't roll down into the ocean every time we turn around, and it doesn't hurt to get hit. Mr. Finn is a bit scary...when he's got the ball, we all scream and run.
My camera doesn't take great action photos, but I like this one of a mid-air hit. It's difficult to run up and down the hill to avoid the wolves. Exhausting, actually. Cody gasped, "I don't like playing in this environment!" So funny.
Look how steep it is! Cadin, huffing up the hill.
Uh, oh, Jayde!!
This is one of my favorite photos! She's so hard to catch smiling with the camera as she doesn't like her picture taken, but she was oblivious to me as she hurled the ball at some fleeing deer. We just love running around during P. E.

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  1. What tremendous photos you took Ms Finn during the P.E. lesson. It looks like the day was a little dismal and is that fog I see in the background? I enjoyed looking at them immensely; just makes me love Frenchboro more and more. Love the view from the church hill and looking down. Everyone had such a great lesson I could tell, running around, breathing in all that fresh air! I have never heard of this game being called Wolf And Deer, but it's the same as what we in Australia call 'Brandy'.
    Oh Jayde, what a beautiful smile you have.