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Monday, October 18, 2010


We had a great time at the Oceanarium. They have a real lobsterboat right there inside the building. A fisherman talked to us about the changes the industry has gone through over his many years out on the water.
Then he showed us a blue lobster! So cool. Isn't it beautiful? I've never seen one. They are very rare, but lots of fishermen have seen one over the years.
Then we went to the touch tank. Everyone got to pass around a sea cucumber. My brother and I used to shoot each other with these when we were kids, out fishing with my uncle.
And horseshoe crabs may very well be my new favorite animal. Did you know they see in color? How amazing! Look at the underside....fascinating.
Then we went to the actual fishery part of the oceanarium. We got to hear about the life cycles of lobsters and look at the tanks where they are held.

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