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Friday, October 1, 2010

Tiles: Fired and Ready to Assemble

Soooo, Jessica (dear, dear Jessica), spent many hours this summer firing the tiles we created last year. her kiln is small, so she could only fit a few into each batch. I can imagine it was exasperating, but she didn't complain. She brought them in to show the kids and to assemble the design.
Which proved harder than they thought.
Much harder.
Finally. And yes...ahem...there is ONE TILE that had the wrong glazing. ONE! Argggh! We're gonna have to have a redo on that one. It just won't do to have Frenchboro look like it had a giant lake in the upper righthand corner. But...all in all, a beautiful job!!

1 comment:

  1. The tiles are so fascinating and I can tell it would have taken a long time to get each one exact. Assembling them would have been so exciting because you all knew what to expect with the end result. Can I ask a question, please? The tile lower centre (Aussies spell this word differently as you would have noticed), of the animal. Is it the poor moose that lived on the island for a time?
    Don't worry too much about the wrong tile because I think Frenchboro looks awesome. Well done everyone.