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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Neighborhood House

After our adventures at Ship Harbor, we went to the Abbe Museum. No, this is not the Abbe. They wouldn't let us take photos. I had anxiety attacks, not being able to photograph every moment, but I got over it when we arrived at the Neighborhood House in Northeast Harbor. They generously let all us island folks stay there for two nights. Here's Becky and her kids...she's smiling, a good sign since her family was about to sleep on the floor, and all us adults just love that.
The kids found some great cushions to use underneath their sleeping bags. I have to admit...I brought an Aerobed! Seriously. Camping with thermarest I can totally handle, but a thermarest on hardwood floors...hmmm...maybe not.
That night, all the kids played some games. I was introduced to Apples to Apples. Cody was introduced to poker. Big mistake. The kid cleaned house. It didn't matter that it was Monopoly money, he was totally psyched and talked about it all the next day.
Then it was time to get cozy. And no, he didn't sleep in the hat. I don't think.
In the morning, we gathered around to talk about the plans for Day 2: Oceanarium, Diver Ed, and Whale Museum!

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