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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mascot Voting

Does your school have a mascot? Of course it does. Every school has a mascot, right? Well, that's what I thought, until I moved to Frenchboro. Perhaps it's because this school has never had an official sports team, but all we could find in terms of mascot potential was a Frenchboro School flag. It had a lobster boat on it. Mr. Finn suggested that perhaps we were the Roaring Lobster Boats. It sure has a ring to it.

Well, we did some asking around our first year and there was no official mascot that anyone knew about, so we decided upon the Sea Monsters for our Lego Robotics team. Then the following year we began a cross country running team and competed against two other island schools. We thought it would be nice to have an official mascot in case we wanted to make t-shirts or signs.

This year we got organized. The kids came up with a large (very large) list of possible mascots. I especially liked Bradley's, which was the Sharpened Pencils. We put up a sheet at the post office, asking for ideas. Then the kids took their favorites from both lists. After numerous write-in votes, we had pared the list down to five. Hurricanes, Sea Monsters, Kingfishers, Power Strike (no, it's not a Power's a lightning bolt), and Sharks.

The kids made up official ballots. They plastered the town with voting signs. They set up a voting station at the school. Then they called. Everyone. Like...multiple times. Let's just say that we had more voter turnout than any town will have in the gubernatorial race this year. And, if you could talk, you could vote.

Which meant that Jay could vote. Cause technically he CAN talk.

The winner?

We are now officially the Frenchboro Kingfishers. It's got a good ring to it. Maybe not as snazzy as the Sharpened Pencils, but, ya know...the adults got votes, too.


  1. When I was reading through the rundown of the five chosen names, my favorite was the Kingfishers! I so do like the name Frenchboro Kingfishers - great choice. Very appropriate I say for Frenchboro.

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