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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tidepools are COOL!

Ship Cove is a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the view.
Stunning, eh?
Just a short distance away, we gathered around again for our tidepool talk. The kids were encouraged to gather animals and plants from the tidepools, but to be careful not to harm any of the creatures.
Mr. Finn, enjoying the view.
Then they were set loose. And I do mean that literally. They were totally in their element and found lots of goodies.
After about a half hour of exploration we got together to share and identify our finds. Ranger Mike had an impressive amount of knowledge about all the plants and animals that were passed around.

Tyler demonstrating the correct way to hold an urchin. We got to see sea stars, various kind of seaweed and kelp, sea sponges, urchins, mussels, crabs, whelks, winkles (don't you love to say that? winkle, winkle, winkle), and so much more. It was a fun and interesting adventure. Thanks to Acadia National Park and all the good things they do for kids.

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  1. Exploring tide pools are exciting, amazing as well as educational and brought back memories when I did this a hundred years ago. Oh yes, I also love to say winkle, winkle. winkle :-)