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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 Performance

 We had a pre-performance run through the afternoon of the big day.  The kids didn't seem at all nervous, a far cry from how they've been in past years.  They were having a great time practicing their dances.

 Then Bo and Graham bestowed us with their beautiful gifts and played for us.  They are such marvelous musicians that it almost brings tears to the eyes.

 The kids kept challenging Bo to play for as long as he could on the oboe, and for Graham to play as fast as he could.  Kids.
 Then it was time for the actual performance.  Folks filed in and the kids got ready.
 They sang.  They danced. They played. They acted their little hearts out.  It was fantastic, as usual.  I was all teary-eyed since this is my last Week of Music!

 Mr. Finn's three sisters happened to have arrived on the afternoon boat so they were all in attendance as well.  Here's our nephew, Max, with his Uncle Doug.
And for the finale...You Are My Sunshine.  You're killing me here, kids!  I couldn't stop blubbering.  Thank goodness I was in the back row.  We were so proud of the kids and their teachers, Bo and Graham, for a very special musical night.  Cheers!

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