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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sisters in the House!

 Mr. Finn's three sisters and their kids going through the greeting line.  Here's Amy, in the pink.
 Another sister, Beth, meeting Tyler.
 Soon to be partners in crime, Tyler and Max.  So nice to have someone your size around.
 We always have guests do a lesson or two, and since Mr. Finn's sisters are all educators, that wasn't difficult.  Kelly did a lesson on palindromes.  Everyone's laughing because Max was the period at the end of the sentence.
 Amy recently moved to Fargo, ND, so she taught a lesson on the American bison.

 Tyler and Max hitting it off in a very cute way.

 Then Beth did a lesson on food and cultures of the world, as well as some background about economics using Hungry Planet posters.  It was very eye-opening!
After the sisters were done, Mr. Finn's nieces Rois and Samantha taught everyone to do those four square fortune tellers and we had a blast going around and asking everyone to pick a color.  Thanks to the extended Finn family for their great lessons!

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