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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Science Demos

 The kids had made a list of some science activities that they wanted to experience again.  The can crushing was right up there at the top, so Mr. Finn got out the hot plate and we snagged some ice from Jay. 
 It's such a wondrous thing to watch that can implode.  Tyler had never seen it before, so he was especially mystified.
 Then Mr. Finn surprised them with something new...the egg in a bottle.  Johnny had seen something similar on T. V. and he was asking about it so Mr. Finn hard boiled some eggs and got out the beakers.  He lit a small piece of paper, put it in the beaker...
 Then he set the egg on top and SFFFTT!  It sucked into that bottle lickety split. 
 The kids were utterly captivated. 
 But it wasn't over yet.  Then Mr. Finn turned it upside down and blew into it and...
 PHHHHT! out popped the egg!  Soooooooo great!
We had a fantastic afternoon playing with science toys/equipment.  Here's Saylor with her hand on the Van de Graff machine.  We STILL couldn't get Brody to put his hand on it, but someday!  I, for one, have learned so much having Mr. Finn as MY science teacher.  He makes it not only fun and interesting, but it sinks in so deeply that you'll never forget it.

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