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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's a Little Rain?

 After the kids got back from lunch, they were...curious...about what we had in store for them.  They knew we had Field Day planned, but they didn't know we had 60 water balloons filled and ready for them.
 Since it was raining anyway, we immediately started with a water balloon fight and then went right into the games.  We had a new event in store...the Kindergarten Carry.  The teams had to carry Tyler in our laundry basket.  It was hilarious.  Tyler kept calling out "Mush!  Mush!" as he was ferried around the relay track.  We did lots of great events, but I couldn't get pictures because it was SO WET!  It rained the entire time!  We were SOAKING!  Then we ended with the water balloon toss and a water gun fight, so it took us to a whole new level of drenching.  Then Brody had the bright idea to chase Mr. Finn and squirt him with his water bottle.  Well, Mr. Finn was not going to go down without a fight and he took the entire GatorAid water cooler and dumped the ENTIRE thing on Brody's head a al Harry Carson to Parsells style!  It was epic.  Poor Brody squished the entire way back to the school where I captured this group shot:
I mean, what a mess of bedraggled monsters!  And what GREAT SPORTS.  No one complained the entire time and we had such great fun.  We even had two spectators, Mike and Becky...what troopers!  Needless to say, it was a VERY memorable Field Day 2012.

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