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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

 Sooooo....did YOU see the transit of Venus yesterday? 
 Mr. Finn was prepared, having bought a set of special glasses for each of the kids.  It rained all day and we were feeling like maybe it wasn't going to happen but then at the end of school the sun broke out of the clouds.
 Even if you did see the transit, I'll bet you didn't get serenaded, did you?  Graham played as we checked out the sun.  We sang a lot of sun songs, especially You Are My Sunshine.  My mom was really strong in my thoughts as she is always the one that informs me on astronomical events and sang to me that very same song at bedtime.  I have vivid memories of watching the Leonid meteor shower with her as well as standing in our front yard as she pointed out the constellations to me as a child.  Mr. Finn is also really into space events so hopefully he's passing on the passion to the kids.  Maybe they'll take their kids out someday to watch an eclipse or a passing comet.
 Especially if they get to wear styling glasses!
 Cyclops ain't got nothing on us X-Men.

It just so happened that Venus wasn't ready to make her transit until just before sunset.  Luckily it was still nice enough at that time to see the small black dot.  It looked very much like this pic above.  Folks crowded into trucks and viewed it from the down by the harbor.  It was a great experience...once in a lifetime, actually, since it won't happen again until 2117!

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