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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Post

 We've continued the Greeting Line tradition that an earlier teacher started years ago.  It's a nice way to welcome guests to the school and gives the kids a chance to practice those tough career skills that they'll need during interviews and such.  Good eye contact, firm hand shake, clear voice.  So it was only fitting that we end the way we started, with a greeting line.  As time ticked away on the last day of school, I asked the kids to line up.  As soon as they arranged themselves, Bradley piped up with: "It's not a Greeting Line!  It's a Goodbye Line!" Tyler immediately started to cry and Seth wrapped his arms around him consolingly.  I began to leak a little out of the eyes before I'd even gotten the chance to talk and Mr. Finn had to turn away to compose himself.  I hugged each student and told them how great it had been to be their teacher and how I wish the very best for them in their lives.  Mr. Finn shook their hands and a few kids wrapped him in hugs anyway.  They grabbed their things and were gone. 
So now, here I am on my very last day at Frenchboro School.  I've been here cleaning, organizing, leaving information for the new teacher, filing old student work and saying goodbye to this sweet little schoolhouse.  I was wiping all the slate chalkboards clean and I saw this little note that I hadn't even noticed before, right under "Good Sport" on our Code of Cooperation.  I'll miss you too, kids.  This is Ms. Finn, signing off.

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