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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Going Away Party

 The morning after the performance we came to the front door and Brody was out there, acting suspicious.  We saw Bo's car and tried the door but Brody said, "It's locked.  I don't know why."  Yeah, right.  We entered the classroom and Bo was at the piano playing quietly.  There were signs and decorations everywhere and the kids started jumping out of their hiding spots, shouting, "Surprise!  Party time!" 
There were home made signs like this plastered all over the place, and great long paper chains hanging from the ceiling.  The chairs were organized in a circle and there were plates of treats on the table.  The kids had all hatched this plan months ago, apparently.  Myron said to me, very seriously, "Ms. Finn I barely slept a wink last night because I was so worried I'd oversleep."  They all got up extra early to come down to the school and had roped Bo into opening the door for them.  SO CUTE!  It was incredibly touching.  In fact, as I sit here in the empty school finishing up with cleaning and organizing I keep wiping the tears from my eyes.  When we sat in the circle I suggested that we go around and say things that we'll remember about our four years together...our favorite times.  It was so cool to hear all the things that they enjoyed over the years.  I told them what a special group of young people they are and that it was my privilege to teach them.  I told them how proud I was of all they have accomplished.  I told them I'd never forget them and would cherish my memories of them.  While I was talking, of course I had a few tears and then Tyler called out, "WELL!  Now you're makin' ME cry!" and Seth began to fan at his eyes which of course made me laugh.  One thing I also said to them that has really sunk in lately:  Not one day has been spent in the past four years that didn't have laughter echoing in our schoolroom.  We sure did have some fun, didn't we kids?  Miss you already.

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