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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Go Fly a Kite

 On the day before school ended, we gave the kids some presents, one of which was a kite.  Since it is always windy on Frenchboro, we went right out to fly them.  Mr. Finn led the way surrounded by half the kids and I was surrounded by the other half.  It's often this way and we enjoy the chance to walk and talk with the kids.  It's a little down time in our otherwise busy days to just chat.  In the morning, before school, on the way to and from gym, at recess time, in transitions and on our many walks, we have spent many hours just talking with these kids.  They are highly interesting and entertaining and we never tire of their stories. Or giggles.  We especially love their giggles.

 As soon as we got to the ballfield, we quickly set to work getting our kites ready for flight.
 The wind was picking up so it was easy to get them into the air.
 Saylor was up, up and away.
 And Johnny was loving his new Blue Angel.

 What joy and fun to fly kites...I hadn't done it for years and it was so much fun.
We all ended up in the road and in the field across the street.  There were some crash and burns, some tangled lines, but that's kite flying for you! 

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