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Monday, January 24, 2011

Adinkra Fabric

After studying West African art, we were ready to try out our Adinkra stamps. We thought of using real fabric, but it was hard to get the right amount of paint as it was, so we opted for paper instead and just cut it out to look like shirts. They got to choose their colors and the key was keeping the paint very thin, so we brushed it onto paper plates. If it was too thick, it would get trapped in all the crevices of the stamp and smear onto the paper which looked rather heinous. I know because I did it myself several times before figuring this fact out.

Here's Brody with his war horn stamp. There were some funny ones, like the 'ladder of death'. Easy now. It was of course, tremendously popular and got interjected into casual conversation as much as possible.
Bradley's has something to do with the soul's inability to be destroyed. He liked that one, and I know why.
Teressa's was about learning from the past, but really maybe she got a kick out of having the most complicated symbol for Mr. Finn to cut out with a scalpel.
The shirts were laid out to dry. I really liked the orange/green color combination. The next step was to glue the two sides together for a whole shirt. How fun.

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  1. I'm sure everyone enjoyed painting with the Adinkra stamps. It's amazing what the meanings of the symbols reveal. Perhaps if we looked at the different Adinkra Symbols, we could find one that represents our own selves. Have the two sides of the T Shirts been glued together yet?
    Well done everyone.