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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Penobscot Marine Museum

Susan and Cheryl from the Penobscot Marine Museum came out on the Sunbeam on Tuesday and they visited our school to give us some history and a lesson on sailor's valentines. The one pictured above is from a book, but it's a real picture of what they looked like. Sailors traveling from New England to Barbados would get these for their sweethearts or family.
Cheryl and Susan came with a huge tote full of gorgeous tropical shells. We were in heaven.
The kids could choose to put a historical photo of a sea captain in the middle of their valentine. Seth and Austin both liked this idea.

They came out great! We couldn't tilt them due to the wet glue, but you get the idea. Many thanks to Cheryl and Susan for the terrific lesson and visit!

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  1. What a great lesson this must have been. Cheryl and Susan were so nice to visit and bring along with them all the beautiful shells. Good work everybody on your shell valentines.