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Monday, January 31, 2011

Polycom Day

Since we live on an island, and that island has very limited ferry service in the winter time, our polycom is a really nice perk in our classroom. On Friday morning, Ursula, our guidance counselor, met with the kids. She usually comes out on Fridays in the fall and spring times when our extra ferry is running. In the winter, we don't have a boat, so she meets the kids virtually. It takes a little getting used to, but we really like 'seeing' her!
She talked with the kids about decision making and priorities. She also addressed using positive words and encouragement when you work as a team. We are so glad to have a counselor who is so flexible and willing to work with us in this different sort of way.
In the afternoon, after PE, we had a workshop to attend. No joke. We really participated in a teacher workshop at the Island Institute. How awesome is that? We got to see Ruth and Hope, and even Paula from Isle au Haut. We were learning about Google Fusion, a program that we can use in conjunction with our GPS's to download our way points directly to Google Earth (something we were having difficulty with because of our MLTI laptops). If that sounds Greek to you, just ask the kids to explain it all to you.
Here are the kids all huddled together downloading away. Brody said something to the effect of, "We may not look smart, but we're ahead of them." AHHAHAHHAHA! Luckily we were on mute at the time. We're looking forward to going out and mapping more of our island to create our own personalized Google Earth maps.