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Monday, January 10, 2011

I Know...I Know

Yeah, yeah, I'm super behind on my blogging which is why I'm posting about our Christmas program that happened on December 22nd, on January 10th. But I wanted to give some credit to all the great little thespians we have here at Frenchboro School. I'd post the video...BUT someone who will remain nameless (that's You Uncle Ry Ry!) stood in front of the video camera during the performance.

Every year, Mr. Finn and I write a new script. I am WAY oversimplifying this gigantic feat of nature. This should be a new Wonder of the World. With all the craziness of the holiday season, we wrote a ten-paged script and managed to have the kids memorize and enact the play (minus three characters who were ill that night) in two weeks. You teachers out there may understand the epic proportions of this feat. You others, be thankful.

Santa's taking a little nap. Can't seem to upload him correctly. This was so great. A dad from the town was Santa's helper this year, doling out gifts. His youngest boy, Seth, was immediately like, "Ummm. That's my dad. My dad's Santa." It was hilarious. Here you think the five year old would be the one without question, but it was his older brother who took a while to figure it out. So cute!

Later on, as we were writing persuasive essays, Seth chose to write a letter to Santa "convincing" him that getting a Spongebob toy was totally necessary. You know what reasoning he used??
"Sorry, Santa, for calling you my Dad. I won't do that again Santa. And if you get me that toy, you can come over and I'll share my Spongebob toy with you." Ahhhhhahhahahhahah! I could barely control my mirth as I was helping him write. That. Is. Awesome!

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