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Monday, January 10, 2011

iMovie Experts

Our leading lady, Teressa as Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of The Hunger Games. Jayde, as Rue, was absent, so Johnny donned a 'wig' and played her role. He went from little brother to little sister in one fell swoop. Don't tell Ski.
Our directors ran a tight ship. They chose all the scenes they wanted to include, filmed everything, directed the actors, did voice overs and typed up summaries, as well as did all the editing. These guys did a 15 minute film all by themselves! They stayed in recess TWICE to get it done and even stayed after school on purpose to make sure it was what they wanted and met all the rubric requirements. So impressive.
AND they had a blast. They couldn't stop laughing at the bloopers. They would play the scene with Haymitch falling off the stool over and over again. For my part, I tried to stay out of the their way. I helped a small bit at the beginning and then totally let them take over. In fact, I felt a little left out and would listen from the top of the stairs during recess!
I think this is one of my favorite scenes. Dylan was such a scene-stealer as the muttation. Of course he couldn't see anything so there were some blooper of him growling and running around like a crazy person trying to catch Brody, as Cato. Sheer awesomeness.

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