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Friday, January 14, 2011

Science Fun

We've been gathering data from our weather station and graphing it out using Numbers. We also have been gathering data from Jackman, Maine to compare ours to an inland site.

We've also been working on the water cycle, making models that show the process.
Then we examined them and answered questions about what the model did well in showing the stages, as well as what it was lacking.

Since we take measurements of precipitation to add to the CoCoRahs website, we practiced being accurate.
Don't move the beaker...move Yourself!
I think everyone had a crook neck after this task.

Our second water cycle model. Check out that condensation!

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  1. Your weather station is such a great asset! I can see with all those interesting faces, everyone enjoys science lesson very much. The second water cycle model showing the condensation, looks amazing.