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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun With Clay

I know, I know. This is an absolutely ridiculous amount of pictures for one post. Things are tough here with my new camera. It takes such great photos that I'm having a really difficult time filtering. Like this one of Cadin. This is Cadin's "Ms. Finn has the camera pointed at me...AGAIN!" face. But just keep in mind...for every picture posted, I probably have an additional dozen that I didn't post. So, the lesson here is: maybe take a few less photos. Period.
But let's face it, that's not gonna happen. The kids are far too cute and charming to miss out on any of their antics. I love this one of Myron. He's got his arm slung back over the he contemplating the universe or imagining where he's going to put his traps this summer? It MAY be ceramics on his mind. Maybe not.

Jessica's been into knitting. Like she needs any more things to excel at! She knit me a pair of fingerless gloves...because...get this: she had some left over yarn! I think maybe I'll casually leave trails of yarn in her yard and maybe she'll knit me a sweater. Here she is with her awesome hat that she just whipped up. And speaking of talent...check out Bradley's pinch pot mug. Isn't that amazing? He's 8. I mean, that's better than many adults can do! And....He's EIGHT!
Look at this bowl. A work of art, here, folks. He did this completely out of coils. You know how many coils it takes to make a bowl like this? Me neither. But it's A LOT! He's going to eat cereal out of this bowl...there's plans here for this bowl, you know. There's a VISION involved!

Okay, this may very well be the cutest photo ever. Look at his tongue! That is so adorable! He was concentrating so hard. Love. This. Photo!
Saylor taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. I know....who'd have thunk? A ceramic camera!
These are my creations. I'm all about cuteness. I saw something similar in a catalog and you know, I just didn't want to spend, like, fifty bucks. Brody made the littlest one to go with the owl family. Can't wait to glaze them.
Seth is less than thrilled about coiling and smoothing for an hour. So after about a half hour of work, Mr. Finn makes Seth a clay figure. This is Woody, of course. Couldn't you tell by the hat? This is highly entertaining for Seth. This little guy had some major adventures while the rest of the kids smoothed their pieces.
Jessica always tries to include real instruction on clay and it's properties. Here she is showing them the difference between bone dry and leather hard. The leather is cool to the touch because it still has moisture in it. So when potters are in doubt they can test by doing this.
You'd think he was being tortured.

I think Seth could have sat there all day with those on his face. So cute. What a great class, as usual. Thanks, Jessica!

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  1. I love everything about this post! Please don't apologize for ALL the above photos. This is what having a new camera is all about...the more the merrier. Besides, aren't those expressions simply priceless and adorable? I like the ones of Jessica also, doing her test thing on those sweet faces. Ceramic lessons are so much fun and what great works of art. Well done everybody.