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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Okay, so yeah...I made 'em s'mores. I never do this kind of thing, but we were missing half the class and I had an enormous amount of s'mores stuff from the holidays that I did not want to have to polish off myself. And just look at this face. The face of adoration No. Of course not. For SUGAR! Wooohooo! Teressa in the background....look at her eyes!

Officially I never was over the moon about S'mores. That is until my friend Louise used her broiler to make me some in the oven. Wow. It's all about the melted chocolate, really. If you've never given yourself this treat, you are truly missing out.

Brody assured us he could eat his in one bite.

He was right.


  1. And NOW I understand the past hour. I'm sending them over your house. Enjoy.

  2. Well up until now, I just didn't know what this food-treat called S'mores was all about! Of course I had to Google it to find out. Looking at the expressions of delight from the above photos, I can tell this is oh so yummy and . . . oh so sweeeeeeet! One day when I come to visit Frenchboro could you pleeeeeeease make some S'mores up for me? In return, I'll make you Aussie Damper.