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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Thanks to the Gray weather service we have some great posters about clouds which help in our weather study. We've been slowly adding more and more complexity to our weather observations and data gathering. Clouds are very difficult to master. It's a lot different than going to the weather station and checking the temperature.
Mr. Finn has been doing lessons on the atmosphere and the different layers up there. Since most things that we deem important are happening in the troposphere, that's where we're spending most of our time. No pun intended.
The kids each got a copy of the cloud chart and began examining the clouds that happen in the upper troposphere, middle and lower.
Seth LOVED his chart. Especially the picture of the tornado.
He was very enamored by the big, dark clouds. The scarier, the better.
He's telling me to watch out for these ones.
Mr. Finn was also enamored by...everything. He did a lot of gesticulating while talking which he does when he gets excited by a topic. The kids are pretty used to it by now. I still find it amusing. After we were done with the keynote, the kids partnered up to practice identifying the different types of clouds. Then they started on their cloud calendars. It was all stratus on the 26th.

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