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Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow Storm for PE

Soooo, all you mainlanders had a 'snow day' during the recent storm that blew through here last week? Well, so did we. It was gusting and snow was blowing sideways. We decided to make forts for PE. That's what REAL Mainers do. Life throws us snow, we make forts!
Give the kids a shovel and there's nothing they can't do!
The older boys made a massive fort. It's still out there. Mr. Finn and a couple of the younger kids made a massive snowman. It's still there, too. I really should get a picture as it's awesome.
And some of us, you know, just....crawled around and covered ourselves entirely in snow.

1 comment:

  1. What a terrific idea to spend PE out in the snowstorm AND make forts! Soooo exciting if you ask me...then again, I've never experienced the coldness or touched snow (yet), let alone play in it but all the same, it's got to be fun. I'm sure all that excess energy would have worn off by the time PE was over, too. Would dearly like to see photos of the enormous fort and the snowman. Maybe you could use your new camera!