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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden Update

The fence is up! What a great group we've got at Frenchboro School. Due to the massive amounts of rain recently, we had a bit of a swimming pool and for some reason, perhaps because they were all wearing Muck boots...the kids could NOT stay away from that mud pit in the middle of the garden. Though they were supposed to be on either fence duty, rock duty, or wire was like a magnetic attraction. Thank goodness for those boots! The few kids who didn't have rubber boots on...Johnny, Elijah and Amber, managed to stay relatively clear of the mud, though Mr. Finn had to explain to Johnny that his Crocs weren't really 'waterproof' since they had holes in them. "Johnny, that's like saying you're bathing suit's waterproof." Gravedigger was fired up and took a few runs thanks to Brody, so now almost all of the garden is tilled. In the next few days the deer fencing will go up above the wire fencing, zip-tied to rebar, for a cheap, temporary setup that's easy to remove. Up next: seed planting...finally!

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  1. What fabulous helpers you have. I am sure that your garden will be a great success with all of the hard work the children are putting into it!! Great Job!!