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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pin Hole Cameras

Ms. Cotty is here this week working on pin hole cameras with the students. The cameras were already made during a previous session, so this week we get to go out and put the cameras to work, taking photos around town. As we headed down to the town dock to get some views of the boats in the harbor, we saw that Brody and Saylor's ducks were sitting on their eggs, tucked inside one of Zach's lobster traps. Brody and Saylor thought this would be an ideal subject for their pin hole camera photos. The other students spread out over the dock, sizing up where to place their cameras. Suddenly, shrieks filled the air as the rabid ducks charged Brody and Saylor, out for blood, apparently. "Ahhhhh!" The kids came running and the ducks waddled after them, quacking furiously. But, once the kids were suitably away from the nest of eggs, the ducks changed their tune. They instantly went from mad to friendly and, "Wack, wack wack," came over, hoping for a snack. When every student was done with their first round of photos, we headed back to school, our cameras holding newly captured images (hopefully!). Ms. Cotty will be showing the kids how to develop the images in chemical baths. We'll have finshed products to share soon, so stay tuned!

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