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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quotable Quotes: Bradley

Bradley's the kind of kid that you wish you were constantly tape recording, as you never know what's going to pop out of his mouth. I call him the King of Pep. Here are some of my favorite Bradleyisms.

"You wanna know why I say 'HOI!' before I start running? It makes me run real fast." 10/1

"You wanna know why I'm so strong and fast? Oreos."

"Ms. Finn, when I get old, I'm gonna work at Taco Bell, cause I make real good tacos!" 10/17

On Halloween. ' really look like Robin." "Yup. After school I'm gonna save the day!" 10/31

"Mr. Finn, I'm faster than a seahorse!" 11/14

"When I'm old, I'm gonna work at Taco Bell and make tacos, but if my brain gets too smart, I'm gonna have to build a lab." 1/5/09

Someone remarked about his big muscles, he calmly replied, "Yeah. I ate spinach once." 3/5/09

A comment on his good picture that he was drawing, 'I think he likes your picture.' "Yeah, because it's a genius. My idea is a genius."3/11/09

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  1. Another handsome and smart boy!! Glad to have the opportunity to read some of the moments I miss in person!! Thank you!!