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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pemetic Visit

We recently had the exciting experience of a visit from 24 fourth graders from Pemetic School. Twenty-four. Count them. Considering our entire K-8 school only has 13 students, this was BIG HAPPENINGS! When asked what our kids would like to do when this huge group showed up, they all called out, "Gym!" So, gym it was...a huge game of Capture the Flag on the ball field. There was a nature walk to find amphibians and reptiles for our ongoing study, as well as some silent and partner reading. Though it took a little time for our students to warm up, a lot of great connections were made and we'd like to welcome the group back anytime. Thanks to Anne Welles for coordinating it on her end. We hope that their visit was fun and informational, since they have been studying one room schoolhouses this year!

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