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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Who knew I was a compulsive blogger trapped in a teacher's body? What on earth am I going to do now that school's out tomorrow? I know: GARDEN! Woohoo! Here's the Frenchboro Community Garden. Garden tilled: Check. Fence up: Check. Second fence up to ensure deer cannot catapult over it: check. Gate up: Check. Plots sectioned off: Check. Signs made and posted: Check. Seeds in school plot: um...sort of. Carrots: check. Lettuce: check. Radishes: check. Various squashes: check. It was a bit of a free for all as kids began planting willy-nilly in their family plots, coming back and saying things like, "Ms. Finn, how do we know where we planted the seeds?" and "Ms. Finn, I planted the seeds right here!" (All together, in a hole, right next to the sign went pumpkins, lettuce and who knows what else.) I thought the whole 'modeling' before hand in our school plot was going to be enough. SO, a note to parents...whatever comes up in your family plot may be conceived as a bona fide miracle. It was a joy to hear that after school Myron, Bradley, and their whole family were down digging away in the dirt and planting all sorts of goodies. I made Doug go down and take photos as I took a nap after school! He was posting the sign he had painted himself for the garden. I was so proud of the cute little flower that he made! If not for him, a lot of my 'brainchildren' would not ever come to fruition as I am tiny and weak and cannot fix machinery or build anything besides a lopsided birdhouse. He said, "Honey, I don't mind doing the building of the fence, but I'm not a big weeder." I still think I get the easy end.


  1. no summer school on the island. We maybe you can blog about life on the island and take more pictures

  2. Please keep us posted on the garden progress!! The pictures and the little notes are very much appreciated!!

    Great sign, by the way!!